Colins IT specialise in many forms of support such as Managed IT Support, Remote Computer Support, Remote Server Support, Cloud Backup, Cloud Servers, IT Network Support, Mac Support, and much more. We aim to provide all of our clients an engineer onsite within 2 hours for business critical issues, We boast a vast amount of satisfied clients ranging from Estate Agents, Accountants, Solicitors, Manufacturing, and much more, so should you need fast Computer Support in Coventry, Warwickshire and the Surrounding areas contact us today for an informal chat. Tel: 0800 10 777 82

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About Colins-IT

Colins IT Ltd is a professional organisation focused on delivering superior customer service. With 14 years’ plus experience in About Us IT Support Coventry, Managed IT Support Coventry, Managed IT Support Coventry, Coventry IT Support, MAC Support Coventry, Anti Virus Support providing IT Support services to long term clients, Colins IT are experts in Managed IT Services. Using state of the art technology to monitor our client’s infrastructure allows for pro-active servicing, this prevents issues causing expensive and frustrating system down time and inconvenience
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IT Support

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) our team successfully manage a lot of client’s IT systems. We implement best practices on all our client sites and have invested in systems to make this job easier for us which means we deliver a superior service and your computer systems have less performance issues and downtime.Pro-active Managed IT services – Platinum Our Pro-active Managed IT package suited for businesses as we offer 24/7 Real-time Server Monitoring so we can keep your support-image-pagesevers operational and prevent costly down time.
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Apple Mac Support

We have many years experience of supporting our client’s MAC environments. This includes environments where there are only Macs or where they have a mixed environment with windows servers and workstations as well. We work with integrating the different systems and sharing files and printers between them. If you have these kind of issues or you just want someone to call when you have a problem then get in touch. We provide support contracts and remote access so we are always on call to keep your Mac team fully productive and working.

Computer Support Services

Colins-IT is a specialist Computer Systems Support organisation based in Coventry. The company deals with a wide range of technology from supporting your company network, installing new systems, new servers, new software to specific applications like GS1.

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AVG Anti Virus Solutions

Business never slows down. Neither do we. Stay secure with AVG business firewall. Stop online threats and keep your business moving with AVG’s award-winning endpoint protection products. Protect your business network from the latest viruses and online threats.AVG Business Firewall AVG firewall security blocks hackers attempting to access data stored on your endpoints and business network. Stops malware taking over your computers or laptops. Works on wired and wireless networks.
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PC Hardware Upgrdaes

We do a lot of hardware upgrades for our clients to increase the life of their laptop or PC. It saves them money from having to buy a new computer when for a small investment they can get another 2 or 3 years out their current machine.This includes memory upgrades and migrating to an SSD drive which are 10 times quicker than standard hard drives. SSD’s are a no brainer. the cost has dropped making them affordable and the superior performance is not something to be overlooked. It is the biggest performance gain you can benefit from on a computer.

Colins IT has a division dealing with vision technology where widgets are tracked via cameras. There is a wide range of uses for this technology.