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Anti virus Internet Security 2012

There are a host of anti virus and other internet security applications available. So what is important is choosing the right package?

1. Don't use free, you get what you pay for! Look at this blog post for more info.

2. Look at the reputation of the brand. We use Trend Micro Anti-virus for a number of reasons

a. Norton Anti-virus is the most marketed product out there which means that anyone who writes a virus, writes it to disable Norton anti-virus in the firt instance.

b. Trend Micro are generally first to market when new Microsoft operating systems come out so that you can protect your new system as soon as it is installed

c. Trend Micro products have very competitive pricing

d. Trend Micro have pretty good support behind their products including Worry Free, Internet Security, Maximum Security, Trend Titanium and so on.

e. We don't tend to have a lot of problems after installing Trend Micro anti virus, however, we do on occassion have very serious issues when installing some anti-virus packages.

f. We have a lot of skills and experience in dealing with and installing Trend Micro anti-virus, Internet Security, Worry Free and Titanium editions.

g. We sell a lot of Trend Micro every week with very few issues so we are confident in their product.



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"I have always shied away from having 'technical experts' as external consultants simply because we have both a Mac and PC network and it is unusual to find someone who seems to know a lot about both! So when Colin was recommended to me by another business, I contacted him and we got together and had a good chat. Colin is responsive, good value and certainly knows his stuff! Even better, he won't help you spend money you haven't always got!"

-- Philippa Smart,
Smart Ideas

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