a day in the life of a network engineer…

I thought it may be interesting in writing a blog about what we actually get up to. The kind of things we deal with on a day to day basis. I am sure other network engineers out there will have some interesting comments to make of their own experiences?

Issues range from people having viruses on their laptop computer. We will get rid of the virus for them, clean up the computer of any additional spyware or software that shouldn’t be installed, install premium and authentic anti-virus software and make sure the laptop is completely clean and virus free. In addition we will advise if they need to upgrade their laptop’s memory for example or if they are running out of disc space. We also ensure they are backing up their precious documents and photos so they don’t lose anything if the hard drive crashes.

We have recovered data for clients where their hard drive has crashed but they need vital documents. Even if we have to send it off to a 3rd party data recovery specialist, we handle the whole process for them. Arranging collection and delivery and putting the customer’s data back on their laptop. We will also install a new hard drive and set up their system again for them.

We manage client’s whole network of computers and server. We had a call yesterday where the client in Coventry could not access any of their servers. After much looking round we discovered a small network switch was not working. It wasn’t quite as simple as turning it back on but through our knowledge and problem solving skills, they were all back up and running.

We had another client who was not receiving email. More specifically whenever they reboot their router their IP address changes so they don’t get their email delivered. It is a bit like constantly changing your address and expecting the postman to find you. In this instance we called up the internet service provider and ordered them a permanent address so regardless of the router rebooting, they will always have email.

We have had more technical challenges where email stops working on a client’s server. We have a look for a specific error message in the event log and then do some research on this event and how to resolve it. It is not always the error you first see but may be a totally different error which is having a knock on effect so you have to think out the box. It is always satisfying and a relief when everything starts working again after successfully resolving an issue. Obviously failure is not an option so we need to utilise all our resources to quickly resolve issues which in turn reduce downtime for the client and save them money.

We are very strong advocates of everyone who has a computer firstly backing up their data and secondly having good anti-virus protection. If you use free anti-virus protection, don’t be surprised if a virus gets through and destroys your computer. Not only do we sell a product called Trend Micro which we have found to be the best in the market but we also install it for our clients and make sure they are fully protected. We don’t even charge for this. We often install the anti-virus remotely on a client’s computer which saves time for both us and them.

We also sell an online backup product at only £5 a month for unlimited data. We set this up for clients remotely as well, making sure the relevant files are all selected for backing up and it is actually working. It is pointless installing and paying for a backup solution when it is not actually backing up your critical data.

After all the work we do, here is some feedback from a few of our clients

Darren Rawlinson – “For Colin, providing IT solutions isn’t just solving a problem you may have come to him with first; it’s about providing knowledge, support and guidance as well as extremely personable and professional approach, which works well with small and larger clients. Colin is also professional enough to see the value in working in partnership to achieve common goals and greater future value for all.”

“Colin is impressive in his quiet confidence in his skills and abilities and in his commitment to work and causes. So far we have collaborated outside work; Colin supports Cord, the international peace building charity, strongly in various ways. I recommend him as someone who takes the initiative, thinks around a situation to find the best way of tackling it and delivers 100% reliably on what he says he will do. A very good guy to work with! Kit Lawry, Cord”

Peter O’Donnell – “Colin understands what a business needs, not just what they think they want. He designs, delivers and support all his projects and systems with great professionalism and enthusiasm. And he works all the hours of the day to get it done. A professional IT supplier and terrific person.”

PS – Pictures are for fun and not representative of actual customers!

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