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Apple actually produce their own professionally produced documentation to help both administrators and users find the help they need. Here’s where to find it.

While reading documentation is never fun, (especially for men) sometimes we have to resort to reading the manual!
read the manual first!
why sometimes you need to read the manual

Manuals site

Apple produces some fantastic documentation for administering their products and software but unfortunately, many administrators and end users are simply unaware the instructional guides actually exist. So, take a look at Apple’s Manuals site and see what you think.

Apple support manuals
Apple Manuals online

Separate guides are featured for iPads, iPods, iPhones, MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. A simple manuals search option is available, too, as are category listings for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac desktops, Mac notebooks, Mac OS and Software, Apple TV, Peripherals and Servers, and Enterprise Software. Users can quickly drill down and access the help information or instructions they seek by clicking one of the featured headings or leveraging the available search function.


Loads of studies and statistics prove that providing software training for your staff pays dividends. Even basic application training help employees to be more effective, better perform tasks and become more productive. But in a recessionary environment, and whenever the economy contracts, training budgets are often the very first reduced or eliminated altogether. Hell, I was even in a training company when this happened in around 1998. We closed the department because people were simply not investing in training any more.

Free and effective resources, such as Apple’s own documentation, become invaluable. By leveraging these ready-made resources, Apple based businesses can utilise these materials to their administrators and straight to end users to help reduce help desk calls.

apple mac support
Apple Support Coventry

Administrator guides

Administrators will find more than 350 manuals just for server and enterprise topics. From mail server administration to Mountain Lion Server upgrades, as well as a wide variety of pre-packaged documents, guides and manuals, almost all of which break down complex processes into simple step-by-step instructions.

Apple support manuals
Apple Support Documentation

End user instruction

One major advantage of Apple’s long-time simplification focus is the fact many users, seeking to perform common tasks, can simply be provided links to Apple’s documentation for those tasks. Here are a few example;

  1. configure email accounts on your iPhone (chapter 6)
  2. learn to use multiple calendars (chapter 10)
  3. improve Final Cut Pro skills
  4. run diagnostics to troubleshoot a problematic Internet connection

Apple’s Manuals site maintains hundreds of very useful guides that Mac businesses can distribute to get the most our of their technology investments.

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