The Wolf is out there.

A piece of marketing mail came through the post yesterday morning that related to printer security. I was like, yeah right. I have enough going on with out having to worry about printer security. What could go wrong? Someone could have my print and print rubbish on it, big deal. Why should I care? Just turn the printer off and clear the print queue. So in the bin it went.

By some strange co-incidence, I had a meeting with one our our security vendors who brought up the video on this very issue. The video is below and really opened up my eyes as to what can be achieved by hacking a printer. It has its own operating system, it sits on the company network and therefore, it is hackable and has direct access to the whole network.

Really work watching the video below which to be fair has been really well done by HP. It is interesting that HP who produce printers have stepped up to say hey! Printers are not secure. If you have any questions or need any advice, please get in touch with our security team. 02476 960 946 or