The new iPhone 8 and iPhone X

What is the iPhone X?

Apparently Apple has been hoarding up innovations for their 10th Anniversary iPhone launch. The iPhone X (which is actually called the 10 just to annoy people) includes a number of advanced features and design elements that go beyond the normal minimal incremental upgrades to its standard models. Naturally, these upgrades come with a price tag of USD$1,000.

So the iPhone X includes a nearly bezel-less OLED display with 1125×2436 resolution (compared to a 1080×1920 LCD on 2016’s iPhone 7 Plus). That enables the iPhone X to have a larger 5.8-inch screen (compared to the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus) while having a smaller form factor that is actually closer in size to the iPhone 7 with its 4.7-inch screen.

However, the thin bezels means it has lost the home button and finger print scanner. Apple have excitedly replaced this with Face ID, which will create a 3D map of your face and use that to unlock the device. Looking at the current face-scanning software market, it will probably not be as fast and accurate as a fingerprint scanner so it will be interesting to see how people find this feature in the coming months.

There’s also a natural security concern about Face ID being spoofed, but Apple does assure us that their new “True-Depth Camera System” takes a 3D mathematical model of your face which is very difficult to be faked by using a photo or even prosthetic mask as in Mission Impossible.

Other new features in the iPhone X include the ability to record 4K video at 60fps and 1080p at 240fps (super slow motion). There is an infrared camera to support augmented reality and next year a wireless charging device.

The iPhone X also sports a gorgeous glass on the back of the device. This will make the device much less slippery (apparently) and susceptible to drops like the other smooth metal backs of the last several iPhone devices.

Wireless charging mat

Coming next year. You will be able to charge multiple Apple devices but no price has been mentioned yet. Prepare to take out a bank loan.

Price indication


Best thing to do is to look at the comparison on Apple’s website. While the iPhone X has quite a few new features, the iPhone 8 is very similar to the iPhone 6s, and even closer to the iPhone 7. The main difference being the chip. 

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